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Blue Sky, White Cloud

In this new book Western dharma teacher Āloka David Smith, who has nearly 40 years of traditional dharma training experience, teaches this often misunderstood training model to the sangha of Western practitioners of his DharmaMind Buddhist Group.


NewBookThumbnailA Question of Dharma

David Smith’s 108 responses to those questions reflect his 30 years of uncompromising commitment to Dharma practice. He meets the spirit of each question in his own direct and often playful way, leading the reader into a profundity that will clarify as much as it will inspire.


FivePillarsCoverPageThe Five Pillars of Transformation

These teachings are known as The Five Pillars of Transformation and are the framework for realisation and freedom from samsara. They are practised within the all-embracing spirit sometimes referred to as the non-developmental or immanent model of the Mahayana.


record_of_awakeningcoverA Record of Awakening

I often wondered before the publication of this my first book whether the story of my spiritual awakening in Sri Lanka in 1981 would be of much use to the reader. I’ve found, however, to my joy and deep satisfaction that many who have read ‘A Record of Awakening’ found it gave them new strength and inspiration to deepen their own established practice


DMWM-book-coverDharma Mind Worldly Mind

Without doubt the main theme of the book is implied in the title. Our approach to the practice of the Dharma must be quite different from our approach to anything else. Dharma practice requires a truly revolutionary mind – a mind that embarks upon a spiritual journey not to gain or become something but rather to surrender and unbecome. Because we are such conditioned beings to do this by an act of will is quite literally impossible.