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Videos: Free viewing of the most recently recorded talks given by Āloka from retreats held around the UK. Updated regularly.

Podcasts: Free audio recordings are an alternative to the videos that can be listened to on the website or downloaded to a variety of portable devices from Podbean or iTunes. Updated regularly.

Paperback Books: All five books written by Āloka which can be purchased online from this website or Amazon, Wisdom Books or any bookshop or distributor.

eBooks: The electronic version of Āloka’s books can be purchased from Amazon, Apple, Barns&Noble or any other online e-store to fit any portable device, or can be downloaded as a PDF to your PC from Smashwords.

DVDs: Recording of talks given at retreats stretching back over the last decade not found on the Video section for purchase on disc.

CDs: Whole audio collections of recorded retreats stretching back over the last decade for purchase.

Downloads: Audio collection of early retreats can be listened to on this page or downloaded free.