Birmingham Monthly DharmaMind Meetings and other Retreat Talks

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Teachings by Āloka David Smith

A series of DVD recordings of at least 1 hour in length with several containing question and answer sessions

Most DVDs are £5.99 plus £2 package and posting

Forgiveness / Accepting Death -2 one hour talks +mp3 – (Malverns ’09)

Dangers of the Worldly Mind (B’ham ’09)

The Impermanent Nature of Life (B’ham ’09)

Challenging the Comfort Zone (Cotswold ’10)

Every Day is the First Day (Cotswold ’10)

Freedom From Tomorrow (Cotswold ’10)

New Year’s Resolution (Cotswold ’10)

Dharma Mind, Beginners Mind (Dublin ’10)

Two Steps to Commitment (Dublin ’10)

The Power of “No” (Shropshire ’10) +mp3

The Principles of Stillness (Anam Cara ’09)

The Emotional Experience of Practice (B’ham ’09)