The Restlessness of Mind



Anyone who has tried meditation will know the major challenge to concentration is the restlessness of the chattering mind. Although this the biggest single challenge there are other aspects of our makeup that are also difficult to bringing stillness to meditation: namely the body and the emotions. Why is conquering these restless characteristics so important to meditation and practice? Simple. It is only when you have tamed restlessness throughout your entire being will your innate wisdom rise up and transform your life in an authentic way.




Karen Piggin:

I can see that restlessness itself has caused me to overlook this pillar. The constant agitation of physical, emotional or mental manifestations have been quite difficult for me to identify, however, this talk makes me look harder and more honestly at my habits. In particular the need to arrange, schedule, plan is with me constantly – a never-ending monologue playing out in my head. Hearing that this is just a way for the self to re-assert itself helps to fuel my commitment to try to stay present and to try and make space.


Rob Grant:

This talk goes to the heart of the key barrier between me and my liberation. After an upbringing where “idleness” was a grave sin, I have devoted my life to action and achievement. Thanks to Aloka’s guidance, I am aware of this addiction. But giving up the habits of a lifetime is no simple matter!


James Ferguson:

This talk reminds me that it is ok to create space in my life in which I am doing nothing. In fact this space is essential to allow Dharmic

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