A. A major feature of cultivating practice is one of familiarity. In this particular aspect of practice we need to cultivate the ability to return to our body over and over again. The most important time to practice coming back is during our daily life. Catching ourselves mentally wandering off and coming back into the form over and over again, and being wholehearted in what we happen to be engaged in. This takes great commitment and endurance but in time we start to become familiar with our new state of being. We know this is the true state of awareness to be in and so we just come back more and more until it becomes a habit. When this becomes something really familiar, we will take that familiarity to the cushion so that we will want more and more to abide in the body during formal meditation. To think you can just do it by an act of will when it suits you won’t work.

Practice coming back ‘home’ throughout the day, then you will find that whatever your meditation practice may be, your mind and body will be experienced in being mind/body, less and less dualistic. When they really merge in your meditation you will be in samadhi, and it is from this state that insight meditation can begin. So that when contemplating your insight subject it will almost certainly be true understanding that arises, because when truly united with the body that deceitful sense of ‘me’, that pollutes and possess understanding, cannot be.