A. It is good to be able to dampen the idea, which many have, that sooner or later you have to go beyond all your ‘stuff’ and become ‘perfect’ before awakening can take place. I’m sure the reader will be relieved to know that you certainly do not need to have reached this lofty height — far from it in fact. Yes, it is true that we need to be reasonably balanced and integrated to be able to do this practice, but most people are. It is only a few that are not able to get themselves started. It is certainly true that much has to be transformed through practice over the years, but even quite ‘heavy’ karma won’t necessarily ‘block the path’ through the final stages leading to the collapse of samsara. Through skilful practice and gradually alighting to the profound state of the middle way, it is possible that many of our unresolved attachments will ‘suspend’ and return when the bodhisattva path is attained, providing you with rich fodder for practice that will take you through the ten stages.