A. Not sure what you mean by ‘my own presence’, but the state we are coming into is to be aware without a ‘centre’ – i.e., an observer. We come to this state by being able to let go of all that comes into our experience. At first we start by bringing ourselves back from our distractions through an ever-increasing shining awareness that becomes that letting go.

Ideally you don’t use any sort of ‘practice’ however, you may find a samatha practice useful at times to provisionally ‘get you started’. But by having some sort of ‘practice’, you will not be nurturing the true spirit of Pure Awareness, in which we are slowly becoming familiar with the subtle reality of not really doing anything at all.

This may take time to mature, so in that time we are in the state you describe. Stay there and be still; there is nothing to do, so any sense of doing something will prevent maturity. The state we are moving towards is so very subtle. It is not a state of trying (or even sometimes forcing) our way towards a ‘goal’. Nor is it a slack state in which we become slothful and dull. We cannot create the true state. It will be there when we let go of all trying and not trying. When this profound state is present, we lose ourselves completely and become lost in our true state — our state before the ‘world’ comes into being — and we become the universe and all that is in it, going truly beyond time and space and birth and death.