A. This is often a difficult experience to call. As a general rule I would say, first, don’t ever intentionally change your circumstances whilst in an emotional state; and, second, don’t just compulsively walk out. Rather stay and bear with what you consider to be an unpleasant situation, and reflect. Your situation could be judged to be a bad one for practice (many are), but this is often difficult to see clearly. We generally find it easy to convince ourselves that the situation we are in, and don’t like, must be wrong for us! Let things run for a good while; examine yourself to see if this is a situation that you have been in before, one in which you may be experiencing that familiar demon of restlessness and want to run away. Or perhaps you are simply coming up against aspects of your personality that you find difficult to open up to. If neither of these is true and your unhappiness doesn’t shift, then look for another job. If after a while you find yourself feeling the same in the new job (because it is restlessness after all, or parts of yourself that you can’t accept and open up to), then stay with this new job and learn to work with this powerful force of restlessness; or do your best to accept your limitations, learning to open up and bear with them while resisting the urge to try yet another work option.