A. Certainly stick to one way. I personally would feel concern if I discovered I was pushing away a part of myself in favour of another. I would be cutting myself in two and that would lead to inevitable alienation. How could it not be any other way? Wanting to become this and no longer wanting to be that is a common theme with practitioners. If this were genuine Dharma practice, I think I would be off doing something else. It sounds a dangerous path to follow and could never be integrated into the effort to embrace the totality of ourselves without discrimination, which is what characterises pure awareness. The Hinayana path develops skillful ways of ‘suspending’ the more ‘unwholesome’ side of ourselves by learning to turn away from it whilst developing the more ‘wholesome’. This path is not a path of open all-embracing non- discrimination like the Mahayana, but this narrower way isn’t really a path of rejection either. And by the way, give up ‘striving to change’ yourself. You’ll tire yourself out.