A. No. ‘Dharma Mind’ is the mind we nurture through practice.

We are profoundly conditioned into always wanting and becoming something. ‘I will do this because I want that’ is the normal everyday mind that we are all familiar with. This is called the ‘worldly mind’. The ‘Dharma Mind’ is quite different. Through years of practice, we slowly, and with much patience, turn away from that wanting mind and learn to stop becoming (something), so beginning to awaken to the unconditioned Dharma Mind that neither wants or wants to become. Learning to let go of all those desires and aversions, you begin to be just as you are, in all situations. This letting go is called unbecoming. When the Dharma Mind is fully mature, you will be empty of self and attachment, and you will have returned to your childhood innocence. It’s at this moment the Dharma Mind will collapse and vanish, and you will awaken to your True-nature, which is your intrinsically pure awareness.