A. If I were to give up a particular practice I am sure it would be because it didn’t feel like the right practice for me. Rather than not simply being successful at it. If it doesn’t feel right for you, then fine. But if you are looking for success as a criterion, then I’m not so sure about it. All forms of practice need commitment and the ability to stay with the forces that we need to stay with, as we learn to grow into something we are totally unfamiliar with. It is from this ability to grow into a practice that the changes we all desire take place. In your question you are comparing practices that may have quite sharp philosophical differences, and this is where your own disposition plays a big part, and what inspires you to take up a particular practice. With reference to the pure awareness practice, what is important to understand is that it pays no attention to any specific posture, but rather sees all of one’s life as a ‘seamless’ whole. I hope you are practising with a teacher, for to bring pure awareness practice to the whole of your life will not be possible without one.