A. Buddhism will always say that no matter what our circumstances, it is our relationship with these circumstances that really matters. Through practice we refine our relationship with experiences and situations. We apply new-found degrees of ethical behaviour, or with growing awareness we may take more control of situations that hitherto we have found difficult. Over time we become more aware of skilful and unskilful actions. We can often change circumstances of daily (external) life, but there are also times when we aren’t going to be able to do this. At times life just throws us into situations that we would rather not be in, which we find difficult to deal with. However, the same principle applies in both these ‘internal’ and ‘external’ situations. We respond to circumstances and do our best to work with our emotional reactions/attachments. Sometimes it’s like this, and sometimes it’s like that – this is life, and our training ground is always dealing with how things are, and seldom the way we would like them to be.