A Question of Dharma

108 Questions and Answers on Practising the Buddhist Path to Liberation

by David Smith

“With pure motivation the author has compiled this book to encourage others on the Buddhist path, which has provided challenge and fulfilment to him over many years. May it accomplish its purpose and be of benefit to those who read it.” —– Ato Rinpoche


















How important is chastity for practice?
How can we go for refuge to the sangha when it is (presumably) full of unenlightened people like me?
How do I balance the need for a teacher and the need to be ‘a light unto myself’?
Do you have anything to say about overcoming the tendency to control situations and people?
Could you say more about working with irrational fear, e.g. panic attacks, phobias, etc.?
What would you say is meant by spiritual friendship?
How important is it to avoid killing insects?

We can learn much from the questions of others, and readers may see themselves in any number of the 108 questions in this book. Some of these are straightforward, even earthy; others are more complex. Coming from a wide variety of seekers, they reflect the lived experience of numerous individual journeys.

David Smith’s 108 responses to those questions reflect his 30 years of uncompromising commitment to Dharma practice. He meets the spirit of each question in his own direct and often playful way, leading the reader into a profundity that will clarify as much as it will inspire.

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