Continuance of the Group following Āloka’s Passing

In the months before his passing, Āloka’s priority was to ensure the continuity of the DharmaMind Group. Those familiar with his teachings will know and appreciate his emphasis on the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ approach – there being little need to tinker or to add or make changes to things to suit our own needs. It is in this spirit that the DharmaMind Group continues to practice.

mikeh-trigonosThe succession plan that Āloka put into place is committed to ensuring that the Group continues to practice as it always has done. Mike Hogan, a long standing Dharma Practitioner and one of the original seven group members to take refuge with Aloka was chosen by Aloka as leader of the group.  

Āloka’s home on Linden Road has been passed to the Group and is now known as the DharmaMind House.  The Birmingham local group meets there weekly, there are daily morning meditations and the house is available to sangha members if they need some space.

The monthly retreats held in Birmingham, the quarterly residential retreats and the local groups all continue.

As you will see from the media page the Group had been recording Āloka’s teachings for several years and along with his books, Āloka has left a legacy of inspiration and wisdom which continue to guide us on the path.  

If you have previously attended a retreat with the DharmaMind Group and attended again today, you would find that the practice remains the same and that the Group continues to grow in it’s strength and commitment. 

We look forward to seeing you.

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