Snowdonia Pure Awareness Retreat

Held at Trigonos Retreat Centre

A retreat held in 2006 at the Trigonos centre in the beautiful Snowdonia National Park, North Wales, with hour-long talks focusing on the all-inclusive practice of pure awareness. The main focus of the talks is how we can bring the whole of our being into our meditation and also off the cushion to discover our Original Nature in the mundane and ordinary. Periods of questions and answers are included on the CD that helps to clarify this most profound of all Buddhist practices.

Day One – Introduction
Day Two – Instruction in Meditation…Q&A
Day Three – Awareness and Mindfulness…Q&A
Day Four – Buddha Nature…Tools of Practice
Day Five – Commitment…’Tasting’ the Practice
Day Six – Questions on Practice
Puja – The Heart Sutra…he Bodhisattva Vows

Playing time: 6hrs 10minutes

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