The Nature of Mind Summer Retreat

Held at Vajraloka Retreat Centre

During the hour long talks on this 12 day intensive retreat held at the North Wales centre, David leads the practitioners through the crucial features that need to be nurtured in order to awaken to our true nature. These talks span instruction on sitting meditation to awakening to Buddha-nature. There are also extensive question and answer sessions.

  • Disc One
  • 1. Sitting Meditation
  • 2. Working with Restlessness
  • 3.Q’s – Sleep, Anxiety, Thoughts etc.
  • 4. Wisdom & Liberation in the Body
  • 5. Wisdom & Liberation in the Body(2)
  • 6. The Fires of the Emotions
  • Disc Two
  • 7. Learning to Trust the Moment
  • 8. Buddha Nature
  • 9. “Watch it!” + Q’s
  • 10. Q’s – When Buddhism isn’t Dharma + More
  • 11. The Nature of Mind

Playing Time: 10hours 13minutes

” to awaken to our true nature and freedom from suffering we need to learn to live in the body. Through the utter simplicity of the ‘practice of no practice’ we discover with astonishment and wonder our very own everyday awareness, that we’ve always thought as being just another part of me, is Buddha.”

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