Vajraloka Winter Retreat 2005

‘The Essentials of Pure Awareness Practice’

A 12 day retreat held at the North Wales centre with hour long talks focusing on the essential principles and understanding of pure awareness practice. Throughout the 11 talks this subtle and often misunderstood form of Dharma practice is expounded upon and extensively explored through questions and answers.

Disc One

  1. Sangha & The Retreat Foundation
  2.  Integration – The Dharmic Environment
  3.  Complete Practice
  4. Taming the Emotions
  5. Awakening to the Path
  6. Communing with the Buddha

Disc Two

  1. Q&A’s incl. Dangers in Wrong Practice
  2. Universal Nature of Pure Awareness
  3. Q&A’s incl. The Mirror of Silence
  4. The Revolutionary DharmaMind
  5. Training the Wild Horse
  6. Puja: Heart Sutra & The 4 Great Bodhisattva Vows

Playing Time: 10 hours 42 minutes“The Truth that is whole and complete within all of us is to be found within the body. Clearing away the ‘dust’ through ‘the practice of no practice’ the truly profound discovery that our very own awareness is Buddha-nature, that is beyond life and death and truly eternal, will be realised. This awakening becomes the fulfillment of the ‘practice’ of pure awareness – and the return to the warmth, love and compassion of our eternal intrinsically pure awareness, that not for one moment have we ever left”.

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