DharmaMind Group & Practices

The DharmaMind Group meets monthly in Birmingham, UK at the Friends Meeting House in Kings Heath. We also have several local groups situated around the country and Ireland that meet weekly. The addresses and details of these groups can be accessed from the menu.

The group also hold retreats at various locations in the UK and Ireland. Please check regularly for updates and any new events for you to come along and attend.



Trigonos 2016

“The Nature of Mind” Monthly Day Retreat. The monthly day retreats in Birmingham (dates hereare the foundation and heart of the group whereby those dharma practitioners who feel committed to the group make every effort to attend regularly. We meet at the Friends House on the last Saturday of the month with the day consisting of periods of meditation and a lengthy period of dharma discussion. The discussion focuses not just on our experiences of our meditation practice but more crucially on how to bring the practice into daily life thus creating the spiritual environment for the dharma to arise and transform.