Living in the Body

We all very much identify ourselves as being someone that lives in the head, and although this body which of course is a part of me, isn’t where I actually abide. We do have great attachment for the body but really it is seen as more of a possession; but when we meditate and become still and open we temporarily let go of any attachment to it, and it is at this time whilst abiding in non-dualistic awareness we can discover that is actually where we are.

The real me is not up in this head that seems always to be whirling around in this world that I create that I get then get lost in, but beyond that when we let that world go we actually discover that we are in the form. Our awareness, our sense of aliveness, our sense of being is actually in the form, in the body; and that is such a massive realisation. Because if you follow on from that and are on the path of freedom, of learning to understand and learning to let go, learning to abide, learning to come back into that openness, into that freedom beyond the prison of duality and the sense of self, you will be learning to live in the body.

This clarity of aliveness and lucidity of awareness where we rest in spaciousness is actually taking place in the body. And as our ability to get to know and understand ourselves develops we see with ever growing conviction our path to awakening depends on coming into the body and learning to abide there. To begin to see with ever growing conviction that it is in the body and at the heart of awareness that wisdom of how things are is to be discovered. To take refuge with ever growing conviction in our awareness because it is here beyond the grasping self where seeing takes place; where knowledge and where freedom is to be found and where we really abide as a living being.

By coming into the body and by being in the body means we are coming into the present moment before thinking that creates the dualist world by way of our conditioning; so we are therefore in a very real sense stepping out of the sense of me and mine, and taking refuge away from the dualistic world. Learning to come into the body and into the present moment is to let go of our conditioning that we’ve had since we were a child.

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