Familiarity with Meditation


The Complete Path

Now our retreat is underway I will begin by offering you meditation guidance. I would like you all to give this meditation a try if you are not already familiar with it, though I suspect many of you already are. Some of you will have other types of meditation, but if you could just suspend those for a few days and bring yourself to this form and see how it goes, and see how it feels. This meditation should not be seen as just another form of meditation practice to add to your list, because this form of sitting is not a normal dualist practice but rather points instead to the spirit and fulfilment of the path of awakening in an absolute and complete way.

What you are about to experience should not been seen as some sort of fractious meditation, so to speak, as something that points to a particular aspect of the path that you need to develop understanding of and familiarity with. This IS the path. It is by its imminent nature our totality thus introducing you directly to your true nature. By giving yourself to this practice over the next few days it will hopefully become clear to you that what you are becoming familiar with is pointing directly to the very heart and the very spirit of what you are, and realise that is not yet another sort of technique that you have to develop. By learning to become familiar with the directness of what I am about to offer, I hope you will begin to see what you are beginning to wake up to will be everything that you will need for your liberation.

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