The Media Library Home Page

Videos: Free viewing of recorded talks given by Āloka from retreats held around the UK. Please select ‘Videos’ from the dropdown menu under ‘Media’ above.

Catalogue: The catalogue contains the title, location, date and summary of each talk on the DM Vimeo Channel, as well as any comments that were posted by viewers (as at Oct 2019). The catalogue can therefore be used as a useful method to search for a specific video.

Podcasts: Free audio recordings are an alternative to the videos that can be listened to on the website or downloaded to a variety of portable devices from Podbean or iTunes.

Downloads: Audio collection of early retreats can be listened to on this page or downloaded free.

Books: Electronic format of Āloka’s books can be purchased from either Amazon, or Smashwords.  We have a small volume of hardcopy titles from the original print run so please contact us at if you would like to buy one of these.

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