The Essence of Wakefulness

By Mipham Rinpoche


A Method in Sustaining the Nature of Awareness

Homage to the glorious Primordial Protector.

When sustaining the nature of awareness, the three stages of recognizing, training and attaining stability will gradually occur.

First of all, scrutinize the naked and natural face of awareness by means of your master’s oral instructions until you see it free from assumptions.

Having resolved it with certainty, it is essential that you simply sustain the nature of just that.

It is not enough just to recognize it, you must perfect the training in the following way:

You may already have recognized the face of awareness, but unless you rest in just that, conceptual thinking will interrupt it and it will be difficult for awareness to appear nakedly.

So, at that point it is essential to rest without accepting or rejecting your thoughts and to continue by repeatedly resting in the state of un-fabricated awareness.

When you have practiced this again and again the force of your thought waves weakens while the face of your awareness grows sharper and it becomes easier to sustain.

That is the time when you should abide in the meditation state as much as you can and be mindful of remembering the face of awareness during post-meditation. As you grow used to this the strength of your awareness is trained further.

At first, when a thought occurs you need not apply a remedy to stop it. By leaving it to itself it is, at some point, naturally freed – just as the knot on a snake becomes untied by itself.

When you become more adept, the occurrence of a thought will cause slight turmoil but immediately vanish in itself – just like a drawing on the surface of water.

When you train in just that, you gain experience that transcends benefit and harm, at which point thought occurrences cause no problem whatsoever. Thus, you will be free from hope or fear about whether or not thoughts do occur – just like a thief entering an uninhabited house.

By practicing further you perfect the training so that, finally, your conceptual thinking and the all-ground along with its moving force dissolve into un-fabricated Dharmakaya.

That is the attainment of the natural abode of awareness.

Just as you cannot find any ordinary stones on an island of gold even if you search for them all that appears and exists will be experienced as the realm of Dharmakaya.

Attaining stability is when everything has become all-encompassing purity.

In the same way, just as conceptual thinking gradually falls under the power of awareness during the daytime, at night you do not need to apply some other instruction, but should simply understand how the recognition of dreams and the luminosities of the shallow and deep sleep correspond.

Until you attain stability, by all means continue with undistracted diligence like the steady flow of a river.

This was taught by Mipham. May virtuous goodness increase!

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