Complete Teachings – Talk 3



This talk starts with the first steps of the insight path, and the features of the ‘white cloud’ that we often refer to in our practice. This talk explains that the insight path isn’t something narrow that can only be pursued with defined insight methods and tools, Developing familiarity with insight can begin in the most unstructured way in any circumstances. From this growing familiarity you can then take yourself into the deeper and more refined practice that will eat away at the root of your ignorance.




Karen Piggin:

This talk had a big effect on me, clarifying my understanding of the attitude and approach needed to engage more fully with the training. With a focus on self-awareness, Āloka explains the key to the training and how we can learn to use everyday opportunities to watch ourselves and cultivate insight. Reminding us to always look inwards, Āloka describes the positive and potential negative discoveries we can uncover, and how we must bear with these emotional episodes and allow them to go into change. By owning our “stuff” we can start to understand and heal ourselves.



thank you Aloka!


rob grant:

I find this talk very helpful. I have struggled in applying the “white cloud” metaphor to my own meditation. From Aloka’s talk I recognise that the path of insight is not limited to profound states of meditation. So long as there is awareness, self-reflection can yield insight in a variety of circumstances and activities.

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