Dhanakosa Pure Awareness Retreat 2005

Track 1 – Introduction to the Retreat (5Mb) Track dk1
Track 2 – Introducing Pure Awareness Practice (17Mb) Track dk2
Track 3 – Questions on Metta: Habits in the Mirror of Practice(12Mb) Track dk3
Track 4 – Living in the Heart of Emotions: Danger of Practice without Proper Support (14Mb) Track dk4
Track 5 – Coming into Relationship with Buddha Nature (15Mb) Track dk5
Track 6 – The Value of Prayer: Genuine Change comes only through Commitment: Faith and Trust (15Mb) Track dk6
Track 7 – Final Synopsis and Questions (18Mb) Track dk7
Track 8 – Puja: Heart Sutra and The Great Bodhisattva Vows (2Mb) Track dk8

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