The Fear of Letting Go (Pt. 2)


It is so easy to misunderstand our form of practice as just learning to be still and silent of mind and then expect wisdom to arise from this state. If your understanding of the training is along these lines then this is a misunderstanding and a grave error. You certainly needs stillness as a basic foundation and platform for wisdom but to really liberated what is your inherent wisdom requires commitment to change your stream of habitual attachments, through observation, investigation and restraint, all through practice within the four postures. These three talks highlight the need to be careful of retreating into your comfort zone that stillness can encourage but challenge this danger by willingly engaging with the whole of life.



Karen Piggin:

Further inspiration and much to ponder as Āloka continues to encourage us to seek freedom, beyond the known, outside our bubble, and into our fears. It really does enable me to start to question what I see and know, what defines me as me. The biggest challenge is to try and stop my habitual response and reaction to things that challenge my own self-view.



Very helpful talk, thank you, Aloka

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