Awareness – Gateway to the Deathless


If you open to your uncluttered naked awareness and ponder its unique qualities instead of following one of the many insight meditations we are encouraged so often to do, you find yourself on the threshold of the wonder and mystery of life, as well as the on the cusp for your awakening.


Jonathan O’Donovan 

I really got a lot from this talk – it’s really good and talks about letting go and moving beyond duality and clinging to ‘me and mine’. It also helps explain how this kind of practice is paradoxical and how you just have to keep coming back to the practice over and over….!

Karen Piggin 

Wow – the definitive guide to awareness! This talk really takes you to the heart of the practice and is a fabulous one for pure inspiration and focus. If we can discover stillness, resist the urge to get caught by our habits, and trust the place where we will feel vulnerable, then we can begin to learn more about awareness. The challenge is then also retaining this awareness in our daily life. If we can awaken to its nature, our fears and suffering will start to fall away.

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