Boundless Body, Boundless Treasures



It is unfortunate that so many dharma practitioners assume their liberation is to found through some sort of mental development process. There may be fruit from this way but you will be only scratching the surface of your full potential and surely miss out on the inconceivable wisdom and wonder that full awakening promises. If instead you take your attention into the physical form and embark upon your spiritual journey from within this place, you will with commitment soon enough discover freedom and boundless treasures by going beyond the confines of a dualistic mind.




James Ferguson:

In this talk we are reminded of how important it is to bring Dharma practice out of our heads and into our bodies. This is a challenging area of practice for me. It requires constant vigilance not to allow awareness to float back into the head and be captivated by thoughts. Āloka once again outlines an essential element of the Dharmic path with great clarity.


Karen Piggin:

Having come to this training in a period of stress-related illness, the linkage between the physical and emotional is an important area of investigation for me. Life can so easily be lived from the head with no consideration for the body, but this pillar, this talk, gives a straightforward approach that can be used to turn around conditioning and discover a new way of being. Fears and emotions can be faced, embraced, and blockages removed, as Āloka describes how to find the innate wisdom within ourselves.

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