Breaking Through the Darkness


We can all aspire to a vision of awakening and enlightenment, release from suffering and eternal freedom. Many teachers offer this vision but often forget to remind the student that release is only possible by first opening and working through the mind’s created samsara and its suffering. Our form of training also offers the great vision, but continually reminds the student to primarily focus on the created suffering of self and ego. Because it is only when the darkness of the created world begins to fade will the great vision of liberation we all aspire to begins to shine through.



Karen Piggin:

Lots to ponder in this talk. I found it a useful reminder on what to focus on in the practice – getting to know myself – and that I must not get pulled into the dreams and imagination of what “I” want from the training. I find it so difficult though to truly open to what is unknown, what I do not understand or can’t explain, what I cannot explain with logic. But we are challenged to do this, and not take the easy option. If we allow ourselves to be carried then the teachings can help us to access the unconditioned.


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