Complete Teachings – Talk 1



These talks cover the complete spectrum of the teachings on offer from the DharmaMind approach to the dharma with its focus on liberation from the self, and nurturing the path to becoming a complete warm-hearted human being. This first talk draws together what are essentially two perspectives that could be seen as separate but are of a complete form of training.



Alison Goodwin:

I think these complete teachings are very useful. I look forward to playing these 2 dharma talks over again to go deeper into practise. Thanks Aloka.


Thank you for these teachings. I have listened to the talk several times already and look forward to the next talks from this retreat.

Karen Piggin:

This one hour seems to contain a life’s work, from the formation of the Five Pillars of Transformation to Blue Sky, White Cloud. Āloka indicates the Dharma is small, not complex, and on first hearing I thought the same about this talk. On second listen there is clearly a lot more to it, and I think more repeats (polishing) will reveal even more. Most useful pointers for me are (1) being alive to the constant pull of my impatient, dissatisfied, and insatiable mind; (2) that our training is about unburdening, not gaining, progressing or increasing; (3) restlessness is the biggest impediment to stillness and getting to know myself. An inspirational start to another incredible set of talks from our week at Trigonos.

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