Complete Teachings – Talk 2



An overview of the five pillars is followed by an introduction to the blue sky. Pursuing the pillars as the centre of training will naturally bring you to your open limitless blue sky that can now begin to become a significant aspect of your vision of what is beyond the dualistic world. The blue sky is the natural stillness and limitlessness of who you really are. From here you can begin to come alive to that which is not of the created world of the mind. Changes can be significant here but it is not the end of the path. There is still the white cloud of insightful investigation to integrate with the blue sky, it is then you can really begin to cut the bonds of ignorance.




Karen Piggin:

I found this talk very helpful in providing a bridge from the five pillars to the blue sky, giving a platform from which to open to and learn to become familiar with awareness. Āloka first reminds us to come into the body, to get out of the way, to resist wanting to be in control, and drop the “security” of the self. In this space we are encouraged to trust and allow something else to arise – a space where we can start to discover who we really are. With the support of the paramitas we can learn acceptance, open to ourselves, and begin to move forwards on a more skilful basis. Further training that I can aspire to work on every day.

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