Complete Teachings – Talk 4


Vipaśyanā is a Sanskrit word translated means insight which is the instigator of transformation; and in this fourth talk we go deeply into this important feature of the Buddha’s path. For us in our group we don’t follow insight formulas but rather have without picking and choosing an open forum to all of our experiences both on and off the meditation cushion. When we come to discover our innate ‘blue sky’ of stillness we learn to bring the insight tools of investigation characterised by the ‘white cloud’ to our practice. Here we discover the ancient practice of ‘silent illumination’ which for us is the pinnacle of our commitment and which when cultivated can take us like an arrow to complete liberation.


Karen Piggin:

Another outstanding talk, building on talk 3 and leading us to the aspiration of Silent Illumination. Āloka asks us to look continually at ourselves and our relationship with things, how we can discover that we create everything, and that by learning to open, observe, and take responsibility, we can also learn to let things go. A key point for me was the emphasis on our training as an opening practice, not a concentration. And by continual looking and questioning of who/what we are, we can start to see the reality of impermanence and why we suffer.

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