Dancing with the Dharma

Michael Hogan



After practicing the Dharma for some years, it’s easy to forgot why it’s important to practice and how it can benefit your life. In this talk, one practitioner reflects on what got him started in the first place, and why he continues to do so. He reminds himself, in this deliberate act of reflection, that he practices to be fully human, embodied best by being able to dance freely. In the process he rediscovers what an immensely positive impact the Dharma has had on his life.



rob grant:

Thank you for the talk, Mike, which I found engaging, courageous and uplifting. It’s encouraged me to reflect upon my own journey and the impediments which I still face. –Rob


Karen Piggin:

And I thought I was a control-freak – I clearly have a lot to learn from Mike! But, sincere gratitude for sharing your experiences and learnings with the group. There are many gems in this talk that I will use to inspire me and spur me on. Very useful advice direct from your practice – about opening to and learning to sit with feelings and emotions, the constant need to let go of the desire to control, the importance of the body and letting it lead, to turn activities into acts of giving – and many more. A wonderful talk, delivered from the heart. Thanks again.


James Ferguson:

A heart warming, open and honest assessment of the walking the dharmic path. Enjoyable to watch and encouraging to note the similarities with my own imperfect practice.

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