Beyond Death – the Eternal Flow


Yesterday in the talk recorded at Anybodys Barn there was the focus on the reality of death which comes to all living things. Today the talk focuses on the logic that if some living thing dies it therefore means that at some point it must have come into being or been born. This notion of being born and dying needs to be seen as a creation of a mind that misunderstands what it is actually experiencing with this idea of a beginning and an end. When we learn to see this we can return to the truth in that everything is not broken up in this way but is rather in a state of flux and so see that nothing actually dies because it was never born in the first place.




Karen Piggin:

An extremely moving talk in which Āloka reflects on his training and on the clarification and polishing process that has taken place. By looking inwards and learning how our mind is the creator of everything, we can apply the training to move beyond conditioning and duality, and discover the uncreated and unconditioned. Āloka describes how we can find our true nature, and how our heart can be released from its prison. The training helps us to look at our fears, our suffering, and our death, and get to know them rather than run away or chase other insubstantial ideas in our search for freedom. But trying to stay present, truly living and experiencing every moment, is a great challenge. The inspiration from these talks is so very precious – I offer my meditations in gratitude.


rob grant:

Aloka’s reflections on death offer profound and illuminating insights into the nature of life.

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