Dharma Practice will Change Your Life


It is natural to expect some sort of reward from your practice. If you are patient and engage correctly with the training, it will transform your life. In time, you will come to see that this training is worth keeping your trust in, and discover that it is truly an authentic inner revolution.


steve green 

really enjoyed this talk. To know we are so close to our true nature is uplifting when practice is tough. Thanks.

Karen Piggin 

I found this talk very comprehensive in dissecting the self; how it can manifest and possess experiences, how it survives by creating a sense of control and security, and how it can be incredibly subtle and difficult to identify. Once again we are encouraged to discover and take refuge in stillness, and allow our true self to enter our lives. Coming after the Trigonos week we are reminded of the value of retreats, particularly a week of silence, but also the day retreats where we can refresh ourselves and re-focus on what we are trying to do. I like the phrase “stillness in action” which means we need to learn to stay present and bring the stillness into all of our daily activities. Āloka concludes by emphasising the importance of faith, trust, and patience – it is a long journey and change will not always be obvious so relax and live, with the Dharma as part of our lives.

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