Don’t Give Up


Becoming disheartened and negative towards dharma practice is a part of the spiritual journey that we all experience. At these times being a part of a sangha is essential, this is because it gives you both spiritual and emotional support that helps you see through these difficult times, that otherwise would not be possible to see through on your own.


Karen Piggin
This is a very useful talk, particularly if you are feeling a little lost with your practice. Āloka reminds us that what we are doing is incredibly rare, immensely challenging, and against the standard culture and world that we operate in. If we can do our best, and take refuge in stillness just for a few seconds, then we can start to undermine the self and allow the transformation process to begin. Using the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha for support we can maintain our commitment and practice through difficult times.

rob grant 

“We spend our lives in fear–yet, we are in paradise!” As Aloka explains, freeing ourselves from fear and discovering that paradise requires sustained commitment to “staying with” ourselves and our experiences.

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