Empowering Yourself


The negative image so many of us have of ourselves is the reason why we don’t recognise and enjoy the peace of our innate blue sky. Through this form of training you learn to bring the blue sky into your life by owning everything that makes you up. This revolutionary state of being then empowers you to turn away from a life time of habitual negative self-views. With this change taking place your blue sky will come evermore into your life.



Karen Piggin 

Talk two from Autumn 2012 is another exceptional one. Āloka offers a humbling vision of what is available if we can go beyond our conditioning, limitations and fears. A key part of this is to start to wake up to the relationship we have with ourselves. For me, this has made me realise how much I blame others for the way that I am, the way I feel, and the situation I am in. This habitual dialogue can be broken, but it takes effort, commitment and patience to stay with the continual return of the negative, and simply say “no”. Āloka suggests antidotes that we can use to address these habits, which are part of the deception and can therefore uprooted. The key is taking ownership of my stuff, my creation, and realising that I can change it. Having a positive relationship with me is an important learning, and I’ve found being kind and forgiving towards myself helps me to be more tolerant with others, and also makes me more able to ask others to forgive me.

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