End of Retreat Q&A Session


A selection of training questions from the students that closed the 2012 Summer Retreat.

Can you expand on the Blue Sky concept?
Can you give an example of insight contemplation?
What is the nature of fear?



Karen Piggin 

This is a valuable Q&A session that provides another perspective on the previous talks. I found the first answer very helpful in reiterating an important feature of the blue sky – that it is not created but discovered, and that it is discovered through the process of letting go of all the distractions and confusions of the mind. Letting go sounds so simple, but is so difficult to achieve, however the next question on insight contemplation gives the reasons why it is worth practising and why we need to give priority to bringing stillness to our life. For me, the final section on the nature of fear will be one I will revisit, in particular the challenge of moving out of my comfort zone and being willing to drop the defences around my self-image. Facing and overcoming our fears means we can fulfil our true potential.

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