The Endless Flow of Thoughts


Most of us would admit to be continually distracted by thoughts. They just never give up, do they? Given that trying to stop them by force doesn’t work, how do we go about dealing with that which never lets up and so enjoy some peace? This talk offers the path that tempers and ultimately stops the chattering mind, and the way to cultivate the ability to return over and over again from thoughts to rest with our own innate silent thoughtless awareness; both on the cushion and off it.



Alison Goodwin:

Just what I needed to hear. Thanks Aloka


James Ferguson:

It is so easy for me to divert from stillness in my daily life, especially at the weekend when I do have time to be with myself. This talk is a reminder to not fall into that trap and allow time to do nothing, to create space and allow the mind to settle.


Karen Piggin:

This is a great talk to hear again, as it cuts through the complexities I have created and returns to the simple heart of the training. Such clear and wise advice on how to use the practice as an antidote to thought, and in our wider daily situations. But although it is simple, it is not easy. My chattering mind is so familiar, it is almost as if I am addicted to it, it takes a huge commitment to give it up. I guess this is the lifelong journey, to have that commitment to keep coming back, to remain present, for as many moments as possible, every day.

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