The Fear of Self-Consciousness


Does self-consciousness affect your life? Such a common impediment experienced by many of us, but what can we do to address this condition that can so diminish our lives. This talk attempts to look at the issue and suggests it is caused by an overbearing self-view that we feel a need to shore up and protect. When looked at we see the driving emotion is a deep seated fear and one we have to learn to face up to and become familiar with its nature.


Rob Grant:

I appreciate Aloka addressing this topic. As a young man I was often paralysed by self-consciousness. My attempts to confront my fears of exposure and gain familiarity with difficult situations had limited effectiveness. It was not until I took up meditation and began to loosen the grip of the self that I wasable to overcome this affliction.


Karen Piggin:

I had not appreciated the extent to which self-conciousness and fear limits me. The practice helps me to look into this aspect of myself, and start to develop some understanding of how it affects me and influences the way I deal with people and situations. It has also given me the courage to face some of those fears and insecurities, smaller ones at first, and begin to realise that they are self-inflicted, a misinterpretation or misunderstanding created in my own head. This is an incredible talk that so accurately expresses what many of us have experienced.

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