How to Learn to Like Yourself


Most of us Westerns don’t like ourselves. Finding a way to heal inner conflict is precisely the function of authentic dharma training.



Karen Piggin 

A simple title, but this talk contains very deep messages – I very much recommend listening to it. Starting with an perspective on how Dharma training is migrating from east to west, and the potential pitfalls of westernisation, Āloka gives an insight into the Dharma as a natural and universal law. Moving on to the western problem of a strong sense of identity, Āloka looks at the tendency we have to not like ourselves. Another issue of projecting our world “out there” and casting blame, being the victim, really hits home – we ultimately create suffering through reinforcing our dualistic world. By nurturing our sense of devotion, humility, and using the paramitas, we can get to know ourselves and begin the healing process.

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