The Need for Inspiration



By its very nature the spiritual path has many highs and lows. When we feel good and in balance we need little support, but when we enter a trough the training can get tough. We have to learn to bear with at these times, but some external support in the form of inspiration can be invaluable. Inspiration from your teachers words. Words of dharma through stories and inspiration from your sangha can be very helpful. But also be inspired by your own commitment to practice and your own efforts against all difficulties to become a true human being.



Karl Nolan

Thanks Aloka…a wonderful reminder!

Karen Piggin:

It struck me listening to this that there is a need to find a balance between internal and external inspiration. The dangers with external sources are their impermanence, the fact that they are a useful stimulus but are short-lived and we find ourselves wanting and needing more to get that emotional lift. Āloka offers a more stable source of inspiration which is our own practice. And describes how we can use the incredible journey of discovering our true humanness to maintain positivity and commitment. A very uplifting talk.

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