Instructions on Formless Meditation


An in depth look at our nature of mind practice and how to find inner stillness by cultivating the formless meditation of ‘silent illumination’.



gwen hollis 

I heard this recently on the retreat but didn’t realise I’d get a lot more out of it by watching it again.

Paul Kimberlee 

A great introduction and invitation to step through that doorway and awaken to your True Nature.
Very inspiring.

richard hegarty 

I find this talk so inspiring…..and Crystal clear……

Karen Piggin 

This is certainly inspiring. Āloka describes the challenges we face with our training, and how the struggle is against our own inner forces and not an external entity. All the skills we need to continue our training are described, when the unpredictable mind continually takes us away from the moment. Āloka gives clear direction on how our direct, non-conceptual practice can take us to our liberation. I found this talk really useful – to revisit the meditation practice for the group as well as re-energising my commitment. It is a talk that I will listen to again as a regular reminder.


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