Knock on the Door



During the group’s tour of China we visited Tiantong Monastery home of Chan master Hongzhi Zhengjue author of the ‘Silent Illumination’ teaching, that became a great inspiration to Zen master Dogen who came two centuries later. Master Dogen also received transmission at this same monastery. During our visit we were given a talk from the resident meditation teacher Tong Wei who covered the subject of shunyata and how we create our own world of suffering. This talk is a commentary on his talk that highlights the importance that we wake up to how we create this world of suffering we call samsara.




It was an amazing privilege to sit in Tong Wei’s quarters and listen to his talk. Āloka provides additional insight on how we can use the practice to wake up, to shake ourselves out of the dream. And for me some really helpful commentary on anxiety and stress. But simple does not mean easy. “When there is a knock on the door, leave it alone!” – can I break the lifelong habits…?


Michael Cosgrove:

Such a simple message. Stop creating new worlds or clutching onto some current one. Be open, present and allow things change. Notice how we are continually doing this in our daily lives in many small un-noticed ways , with the example given of our typical response to an unexpected knock at a door………………Watch also how Aloka delivers this talk, his manner, tone, fluidity, different emphases, commitments to particular ideas….how he moves in the chair or lifts his head… authentic is this messenger? He gets my vote….with this talk is yet another example.

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