Making Friends with the Devil


The ‘devil’ is that part of our makeup that perpetuates inner conflict. Dharma training teaches us how to put an end to that conflict, by learning to let go of the habitual self-identification that gives that conflict its life.



Jonathan O’Donovan 

This talk explains how important it is to make friends with in order to practice – a really good talk. Also, how we can find real contentment be letting go rather than chasing things all the time..

rob grant 

By looking inside ourselves, we can find a way out of unhapiness…

Karen Piggin 

A very challenging talk… are we really prepared to look at ourselves? Āloka explains what looking inward will uncover, and the fears that will be exposed as we undertake this journey. Although the practice is simple, the process of letting go of attachments is one of the most difficult, but is the only route to fulfilment and contentment. Āloka describes how we need to learn to trust the stillness and so begin to see the world we have created. By letting go and making friends with ourselves we can find freedom and the ability to engage with this wonderful world without attachment..

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