Making Life Positive


As practitioners we are aware of the suffering that characterises much of life, and can therefore become conditioned to see life from a negative point of view. But taking on dharma training this perspective can be turned around by seeing that that very suffering itself can instead become really something very positive. Now you can train yourself to see it as the very substance of the path of transformation itself, and the gateway to freedom and liberation.



Karen Piggin:

Radical indeed. An inspiring message for learning how we can break out of our fears and limitations, treating our dissatisfaction as food for the journey rather than being a victim of it. Many areas in this talk ring true for me, but in particular the way I have different masks and personas depending on who I am talking to and the image I want to create. Āloka challenges us to just stop this creating, and open to the whole of ourselves. By slowly learning to stop the “blame game” I can instead look at myself and start to develop a different relationship with the darker bits. Rather than keeping them in a box that I may not even realise is there, or push away things that I don’t want to face, I can willingly open to them. This is when I can actually start to get to know and understand a bit more about me.

rob grant :

A radical and inspiring message. We don’t have to remain trapped within the personas we have created for ourselves; we can step outside and experience the fullness of life.


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