The Medicine for Fear and Suffering


A month or so prior to this talk I had an a operation on my head and neck to remove cancer growths. During this period there has been a lot of time to reflect on life and my relationship to it. I talk about the gift of self-awareness and of waking to the wonderment of life and our divine nature. I also spoke of how we can turn a potentially fearful event like this into one of great suffering by projecting thoughts and scenarios as to its future consequences. The strong lesson to be learnt is by not projecting into the future (or the past), but rather just staying with what is; there may be pain, but there is never suffering or fear.



James Ferguson 

Reflecting upon how I would feel in Āloka’s situation makes me realise how much I have to let go of. And when I am caught up with my negativity, I find it difficult to find a place of gratitude. But for me there is nothing more important in life than coming to terms with our mortality. And whatever gratitude and acceptance I am able to feel when my time comes will be down to my contact with the Dharma and specifically Āloka’s teachings.

rob grant 

An inspiring and very personal reflection on the wonder of life and inevitability of death.

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