Preparing for a Retreat




In this talk I’ve used the upcoming retreat for the group in Snowdonia as an example of breaking the habit of needless mental projections. Using this retreat as a metaphor for life I’m encouraging the student to rather than spend time creating situations in their mind about the retreat that may or not occur, to instead turn away from this common habit because it only produces burdens and expectations that almost certainly will not take place anyway. Best to arrive at the retreat without any expectations at all and so arrive with an empty fresh openness often described as a beginners mind. This is but an example of how we should approach everything we do in our life.




Karen Piggin:

It is uncomfortable to realise how much projecting I do, and the level of detail in my scenarios is equally disturbing. And as Āloka points out, all the stories revolve around me! Using the framework of the retreat helps to give a focus for looking at the mind, but this is very much a lesson to apply to every situation. Āloka talks of using the practice to help us approach events with a clear mind, with spontaneity and a sense of adventure, rather than trying to control all the time.



Another brilliant exposition of the Dharma. Bowing in thanks

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