Complete Teaching Q & A – Session 2



On this the final day of the ninth Snowdonia retreat at Trigonos we continue with a richly diverse question and answer session started the day before covering the extensive teachings of the DharmaMind group. These teachings embrace every aspect of training from the basic understanding of meditation to the direct discovery of your true nature. These teachings point to what is needed to grow into and embrace with a wholehearted spirit the commitment needed to break free of the conditioned nature that diminish human potential, and discover that part of ourselves that is not touched by this conditioning and so return to who we really are – a true warm-hearted human being, mysterious and eternal.


Karen Piggin:

More useful discussion which again really helped me to further understand and bring together the talks from this retreat. The question on suffering clarified for me how the duality of the experience reinforces the concept of “me”. Then, the area of boredom was explored as being a way to remain in your comfort zone – I very much related to the idea of being terrified to step outside – but it explained why life can sometimes feel meaningless, and that we need to go beyond this fear. This was then discussed through the Dharma teaching of “do nothing”; how we need to open, become familiar, and bear with the experience, and weigh up when to take a risk and step into the unknown. Finally, the need for genuine humility and the act of bowing, using this to surrender to our true nature, give up the self, and discover a fearless state. Another inspirational talk.

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