Shunyata in Daily Life



Shunyata is a Sanskrit word with many interpretations and a word found extensively in buddhism. A word with deep philosophical and profound spiritual depths. Yet it is also accessible for our everyday ordinary practice to encourage us not to attach to our familiar habits but instead see them as insubstantial and ungraspable.



Karen Piggin 

This talk is very helpful in getting a new perspective on Shunyata, which I had always understood as the translation “emptiness”. The broad explanation of Shunyata looks at duality, our sense of separation, and the creation of suffering. Āloka offers ways for us to look at our world in a new way, to doubt the solidity of what we see, and question our interpretation. I find this a useful tool in approaching everyday situations, and helps me to start to see things from other angles and viewpoints.

owen kavanagh 

Always great to hear what the correct meaning of words and concepts are in relation to the practice. It brings clarity but still I don’t understand karma ! However also funny to hear misuses of these words in society as a whole ….

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