This talk focuses directly on the heart of our training and the place of liberation, and that is discovering our innate natural silence. The ten thousand forms of life and even buddhism itself can easily distract us from this discovery, but to put the aspiration of silence at the very heart of dharma training gives us the chance of not losing that focus and the ultimate fulfilment of awakening. Difficult to find, and boring in the beginning. Silence if trusted, coupled with skilful means, opens the door to the inconceivable reality of who we truly are, and the divine nature of life itself.



Michael Cosgrove 

Love all of Aloka’s talks but the last couple of talks I have listened to seem to condense the essences of the whole practise into a single talk and provide those valuable practical suggestions and insights, so I have a better sense of what I need to do and what this means in my daily life.

rob grant 

Aloka cuts through the complexities of Buddhism to reveal the simplicity at the core of the DharmaMind practice: discovering the place of stillness that lies within us all.


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